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The senior PV & solar thermal design professional Allen Gezelman PE, LEED AP (Commercial Building Design & Construction), heads a TEAM of 3 engineers and 1 architectural-engineer which designs PV and solar thermal systems – in all aspects mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural. Each TEAM member owns and runs his own independent business. TEAM members share a passion for renewable energy and for furthering the US national movement toward energy independence. TEAM members telecommute and create PV and solar thermal designs using IT over the internet.

Our Team

Team Leader

Gezelman, the TEAM leader, is a service academy graduate with nearly 50-years of varied engineering experience in the US Army Corps of Engineers and, following military retirement, in the civilian construction industry. Gezelman holds professional engineering licenses in 4 states and has decades of experience as a licensed electrical contractor, general contractor, mechanical contractor, plumbing contractor, roofing contractor and solar contractor. Gezelman built his first PV system 15 years ago (stand-alone, 2.0 KW battery system) which continues in operation today. Gezelman and his TEAM have completed grid tied PV designs in California, Florida and New Jersey.
Team Leader

Team Players

Allen Gezelman P.E.Mechanical

My personal motivation is to push the technology envelope toward improved building energy efficiency. I was struck with the potential of solar energy in the 70s and have been a participant in the industry since then. I am also an avid student of building science. I am particularly taken with improved building envelope design and construction. I pray for an opportunity to work with advanced space conditioning methods such as radiant cooling, dedicated outside air systems and demand controlled ventilation. I am very proud of my fellow team members. I think that we have outstanding skills, dedication and energy. Please review the personal details of my fellow team members. I am sure that you will agree that I have justification to be proud of them. I also invite you to review examples of our work on this webpage. I invite you back to look at our work again in the future – we are pushing the building energy efficiency envelope and adding new projects constantly.

Office: (813) 282-9164
Cell: (813) 650-7246
Fax: (866) 397-9050

Bruce Tozier P.E. Electrical

Bruce Tozier, PE, EE, was the commercial electrical plans examiner for the City of Tampa for 13-years and now heads Tozier Engineering.

Phone: Retired

Mouchir Chenouda, Ph.D., P.E.

Mouchir Chenouda is the founder of CREATIVE STRUCTURES ENGINEERING, LLC. He has over 17 years of practical experience and carries a Masters Degree in Construction Management and a Doctorate Degree in Structural Engineering.

Phone: (813) 388-5648

Siggi Brocks, Dipl. Eng., Architecture FH.

Siggi Brocks is an architectural-engineer who teaches Architectural CAD (Computer Aided Design) at the Hillsborough Technical Educational Center in Tampa. Siggi also owns cAdvice Inc. a company which does much independent, creative design and CAD work for local architects, contractors, designers and engineers.

Office: (813) 919-9154
Fax: (866) 397-9050

Mark B. Knowlton, MCP, CFI (BU 1317, BN 932, PX 411)

Mark B Knowlton, MCP, CFI; has worked in the air-conditioning and plumbing trades received an AS in Arch. Technology. He has worked as an: architectural draftsman; estimator; a rebar detailer; a residential designer; senior plans examiner for eleven years; multi trade inspector at FAMU; private provider supervisor and was the Building Official of the City of Orange City, Florida. He has lived in solar powered homes for the last eleven years.

Cell: (850) 294-5293